AI Safety Israel Conference

19-20 October, 2022

Join us at the AI Safety Israel Conference (AISIC)

The Center for Humanities and AI together with The Association for Long Term Existence and Resilience (ALTER) are having a unique conference with the aim of promoting AI Safety research in Israel.


Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in the world, and a growing number of ethicists, technologists, and artificial intelligence researchers are focused on ensuring that these systems don’t use misspecified objectives, perpetuate human biases, or fail at mission-critical junctures. Moreover, the more powerful artificial intelligence systems of the future may pose even greater risks, which in the longer term possibly include catastrophes on a global scale. In AISIC we aim to explore how current work in a variety of fields can contribute to AI Safety research both now, and in the coming years.





Technion - The Grand Water Research Institute

In order to get in to the Technion by car, please tell the guards at the gate about your visit purpose - AI Safety Israel Conference

Although there is no problem getting inside the Technion by private car, we ask you to park outside the Technion since there are no public parking areas available inside.

You can find a parking lot outside the Technion Gates.

For those arriving by train or bus, you can use the new cable car from Lev Hamifratz station to the Technion.



Haifa University - Eshkol Tower, Hecht Auditorium

In order to get into Haifa University by car, please fill the form in this link (driver‘s name, phone number and car number).

Another possibility is to park on the road near the university.
For those arriving by train or bus, you can use the new cable car from Lev Hamifratz station to Haifa University.




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